Sunday At 10am

46 Valley View Drive Kernville, CA 93238


How long is the service?

Our services are 1 hour and 5 minutes begining at 10am.


What does it sound like?

We play a modern folk/indy/rock style of music. Here are links to songs that we play: Thrive, Oceans, Build Your Kingdom Here


What should i wear?

Wear what you feel comfortable in. Shorts and flip-flops or suit and tie, we want you to feel at home.


Can i hear the pastor's sermons online?

YES! here is a link to our most recent sermons.


Will I be expected to give?

This is a personal commitment that each individual must make and you will not be pressured into anything.

What about the kids?

We offer children's church for crawling-11 years of age at all services. Until they are crawling, we have a quiet mother's room available at the rear of the chapel where you can still hear and experience the service.

Children's church is very SECURE, all volunteers have been through a thourough background check. Every child is both checked IN and OUT by their parent or guardian each week.

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Lead Pastor

Laci Nelson

Laci Nelson

Family and Children's Minstry Director

Jake Howard

Jake Howard

Minister of Music


Our Ministries

Let's Get In Touch!

Have a prayer request? Interested in a minstry? Have questions? Please do not heistate to reach out to us!

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